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U14 V Northampton and Alcester Training Matches

On Saturday 11th of October the u14 netball squad travelled to Northampton Girls High School. The teams we came up against were very strong but we fought hard against them.


The first team we played against was Alcester, we started well with some brilliant defence from Katherine Davenport and Chloe Freeman who worked very well together to form a strong defence. Sophie O’Boyle had some amazing shots giving us a 2-0 lead. Juliet and Courtney Delaney played very well in the centre with some extremely good paces and movement throughout the court. However, the Alcester attack was very strong and there was little we could do to prevent them scoring. At half time Alcester had a 8-4 lead that didn't get us down though, as Mrs Bentley gave us an encouraging talk and we went back on with a positive attitude. Ella Wood played really well in Wing Defence getting some brilliant interceptions, and some more amazing shots from Sophie O’Boyle took place. Unfortunately, the attack just got the better of us and the end score was 7-12 to Alcester.


After a short break we went on against Northampton another very strong side, however we stood our ground and played very well as a team.  There was some more brilliant interceptions from Chloe, Katherine and Georgia played really well marking her player out of the game. This brilliant defence paid off as we ended up securing a 2-1 lead. Some brilliant feeds into the D from Courtney and Juliet allowed Sophie to score some amazing goals. At half time the score was Priory 2-4 Northampton we continued to play well together against a side that was stronger than us and with some more beautiful play from all over the court we ended the game Priory 3- 8 Northampton.

The day was a good experience for us all to play against a team more advanced then us and we have learnt ways in which we can improve our performance. All in all it was a good day and everyone played very well. 


Players-player Chloe Freeman


Match report from U14 captain – Kate Andrews

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln