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Year 7 netball off to a flying start!

The year 7 netball team had a trip to North Kesteven (NK) on Wednesday and played brilliantly. This was our first match together and the team consisted of:

Ellanor Brown

Connie Coy Barnett

Laura Sharpe ©

Erin Hunt

Eve Beer

Michaellyn Iruthayanathan

Natasha Chavundura

Bridee King

Charlotte Gough


We got off to a great start and scored 6 goals in the first quarter leaving NK behind with 2 goals.   North Kesteven  then upped their  game and tactics and no goals were scored in the next quarter.  LSST came back fighting again after having a great pep talk from Miss Gerrard and Miss Nicholson at half time and scored 2 more goals. NK did manage to score another 1 and this meant the score was 8-3 to us. Surely LSST would win now, and “yes they did” with both teams scoring 1 more goal in the last quarter, meaning the final result was LSST 9-3 NK. A special well done to Connie who was awarded player of the match by the opposition.



Well done girls!

Match Report written by Laura Sharpe Year 7

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln