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Swimming- East Midlands Regional heats

The priory Swimming Squad competed at the East Midland Regional Championships on Friday 26th September.


The Priory students recognised many of the other swimmers either from their clubs or as regular opponents, but this also offered the realisation that this was going to be a tough competition!  After a hectic warm-up and a quick dive off the notorious slippery  blocks at Bramcote the junior boys team of Matthew Broughton, Seweryn Sewell, Zach Peutrill and William Barber started off with a strong third place in their heat, 5th overall for the team medley. (2.34.81)

In the freestyle relay  the boys knew they had to beat King Edward VI Grammar School in the lane next to them.  Up stepped Matty to start.  The slippery blocks made his dive awkward as he flew into the water giving King Ed.  a slight lead down the first 25 m. Matty was having none of it and produced a super turn to even up then stormed down the pool  to take the lead at the touch and hand over to Seweryn (Matty clocked an unofficial 29 seconds personal best!).  Not flustered by being handed the lead, Sev and then Zach swam out of their skin to maintain position.  Zach touched to send Will barber into one of his dramatic soaring dives across the water.  Will did not relent even though he had a comfortable lead displaying perfect streamline off the turn to gain even more space at the front.  It was a super race and a well deserved team overall win.  (2.09.75)


Mr B then held his stop watch nervously, as the senior girls were ready with Abi on the blocks to start the Freestyle Relay.  Mr B whispered to me the quick time the previous heat had achieved. Equally nervous for them,  the race started.   But what took place was a masterful display of fast turns, high stroke rate, and changeovers that were so precise.  It was never in doubt.  The girls showed everyone just how it's done in 1.56.12.  A fabulous overall win in a stunning time.

Annoyingly we were again in a separate heat to King Edward VI, for the medley.  Abi on the backstroke, Gabrielle, barley rippling the water on her breaststroke, Tara on the fly and Lucy shot down in the free style to finish.  Mr B had us come in first but it was tight.  After much deliberation by the manual timers the  shield eventually went to kings, with us missing out by .1 of a second. (2.13.10)  If we'd been in the same heat I’m sure the girls would never had let them get it!


The intermediate boys and girls had really tough competition in their races.  However the boys were not deterred by the oversized year 10's that lined up next to them.  Tom worked hard to stay in touch through the back stroke handing over to Liam for the breaststroke.  Working hard and keeping his technique Liam raced through to Ben ahead of William Farr.  Ben made up a place with a super sonic 50m butterfly leaving Jacob to bring them home third in their heat. (2.29.52)

The fee style relay was a very fast frenzy.   The boys showed some excellent takeovers and determination to finish fast. (2.13.37) However it was Lutterworth college and King's School Grantham that produced a fantastic fight for first place, Kings just taking it.

The intermediate girls team, Bethany Walker, Katie Choi, Elissa Gratton and Heather Priest showed determination of their own, particularly in the Medley.  They finished fifth overall and swam a very pleasing 2,21,08 to beat many swim colleagues from William Farr and Minster!  In the Freestyle the girls swam a 2.05.41 and finished 6th overall.

Finally the Junior girls produced a strong freestyle relay finishing 3rd overall finally giving Lutterworth a run for position. (2.09.41) However Lutterworth were supreme in the medley. Lauren Woods (back)Ella Wood (BR), Nyah Anderton (Fly) and Maisie Aubrey (Free) swam hard to hold on to every inch finishing joint third with Southfield with a time of 2.28.81


Everyone was buoyed to find out we would be coming home with two shields and I just want to add what a tremendous effort everyone gave in each of their swims, and for being impeccable students both on the poolside and off.  Mr B led us to a well deserved stop off to eat on the way home.



Thank you to Mr Lake and Mr Brazinskas for your support.

Shields can be viewed in the reception area at the pool…although I am beginning to run out of wall!


Mrs French

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln