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The Priory Academy LSST netball squads work hard for Loughborough Lightening

On Saturday 20th September we invited 2 coached from Loughborough Lightening's Super League Squad Olivia Massey and Fran Desmond.

The session was from 9-1 and involved 30 of our students from the South Africa squad and the U18 squad. All students from all age ranges worked extremely hard throughout the session and the improvements made in particular with the younger students was incredible to watch. The girls were eager to please the coaches and developed a variety of defending skills which was the focus of the morning.


The coaching session was an excellent success and all the girls thoroughly enjoyed every minute! Below are comments from the girls to explain there thoughts on the morning.


"The Under 19's and the 2015 South Africa squad were selected for a 4 hour Loughborough Lightning training session. This was an exciting opportunity for us all and especially to us , the Under 19 players as we were being coached by the team we all aspire to play for one day. That in itself was enough, however, it also opened the netball season brilliantly! Hopefully, the valuable skills we learnt in the session will help us into Regionals and maybe for the first time yet, this years under 19's will make Nationals!"

Olivia Tew Year 12


"Meeting the Loughborough girls was a great experience, they made us work extremely hard so we achieved the best. It was great to take part the different drills the girls organised for us because we hadn't done any of them before, they taught us little tactics and tips about zoning, defence, attacking and warming up! Everyone put maximum effort in for the ladies and had a great time!"

Lia Clark Year 10


"I had a great time at the training session it was so much fun! the coaches were so nice and I learnt a lot about different positions, it was hard work but worth it!"

Sophie O'Boyle Year 8


Well done to all the girls who took part in such and inspiring and exciting coaching session! (Pictures to follow)


Many thanks

Mrs Porter, Mrs Swaby, Mrs Bentley and Miss Gerrard


    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln