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The Priory Academy LSST dominate at the Track and Field Cup

On Wednesday 14th May The Priory Academy LSST Athletics squad travelled to Grantham Meres Stadium for The Track and Field schools cup 2014. A competition that if selected students must participate in a track and a field event to earn points for their school in relation to the time or distance they achieve. So we select students over two very different areas of athletics rather than those who just hold a strength in one event.


We took 53 students to compete in 4 different age groups. With lovely weather those who were experienced athletes for the school seemed excited however some students including the 6 Year 7 students that had been newly selected this year were anxious about competing.


Throughout the day all students competed to the best of their abilities and it was lovely to see the team spirit between each age group helping, supporting and coaching each other. All our students behaved impeccably and both myself Mr Leonard and Mrs Bentley were extremely proud to be part of The Priory team!!!


We had some outstanding results on the day, which had us on our feet cheering away!!! Here are our overall 1st placing’s throughout the age groups, Matthew Clarke, Jessica Eaton and Ella Thompson Moulding all achieving 1st place in both their individual events:


Inter boys

Matthew Clarke               800m 2:18s

Triple Jump 11:52m

Jack Fixter                           300m 39.7s

Harrison Wood                  1500m 4.31m


Junior Boys

Isaac Kaempfe Rice         Shot  9.77m

Will Corner                          300m 45.5s

Josh Warner                       200m 26.6


Junior Girls

Jessica Rose                       100m 14.2s

Chloe Freeman                 Long Jump 4.22m

Kate Andrews                   800m 2.48 (followed by Maisie Aubrey yr 7 2nd place)

Maddy Wood                    1500m 5.29m

Ella Thompson Moulding Hurdles 12.9s

                                                   Discus 17.62m

Katherine Davenport     Javelin 17.20m

Laura Johnson                   High Jump 1.32m


Inter Girls

Tara Haworth                     1500m 5.40m

Jessica Eaton                      100m 13.0

High Jump                           1.40m

Helena Ramm                    Hurdles 14.3

Charlotte Ripley                Long Jump 4.66m


Overall the results finished as follows:







Both girls squads have qualified for the Regional Round and we wait to hear whether the boys point score are good enough to take them through.


All results can be found using the following link:

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln