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Year 7 netball victory over LCHS

Before the match, the team had high hopes for winning. It started off with great interceptions from Jessica Rose and Courtney Delaney which were converted into goals by Juliet Price and Gillian Campomanes. Every centre pass but one was intercepted, which enabled the shooters to keep the score at a steady 6-0 for each quarter (bar the second one). When a goal was about to be scored by NK, Ellie Stobie turned it over with fantastic marking and rebounds. Ella Wood demonstrated some fantastically accurate passing and found ample space to revive the ball and pass to Yasmin Rickaby. The match ended after the third quarter with an exceptional score of 18-1! The Year 7 team are very proud of their achievement and will hopefully continue to be successful.


Year 7 Netball team:

Yasmin Rickaby (C), Gillian Campomanes, Juliet Price, Ellie Stobie, Courtney Delaney, Ella Wood, Jessica Rose

Players' player: Courtney Delaney


Final score: Priory 18 – LCHS 1


Match report by Yasmin Rickaby



    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln