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Year 9 netball victory over LCHS

On Wednesday 12th March the Year 9 netball team travelled to LCHS to play in there final league fixture against LCHS. Priory Academy LSST started on a high note winning first centre pass, things only got better from there. As the team found their feet in the first quarter, they came onto the second quarter with some successful tactics and excellent play. The girls gelled as a team and gained a strong lead from the shots that were flying in from Alice, Georgia and Faye. At half time the girls had a quick chat about their play and went into the next quarter feeling confident. The girls tried hard to keep LCHS out of the D and with some great interceptions from Sophie, Lia and Faye in defence, they managed to bring the ball up court to send to Ella and Katie who made well timed dodges and drives to give incredible feeds into the D. All the girls played exceptionally well and performed like true netballers. Well done!


Georgia McMain, Ella White, Lia Clark, Sophie Connell, Alice McKerchar, Katherine Howes, Faye Bottomley 


Players player: Alice McKerchar


Final score PRIORY 22 – LCHS 4


Match Report written by Lia Clark.


    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln