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Girls clinch top-six place in regional netball finals

The Priory Academy U16 Netball  Squad
Regional Finals 2013 - 2014

The Priory's U16 netball squad travelled to Repton School, Derbyshire, to play in the Regional Schools Netball Finals. We had high expectations for such a strong team but again the team were hit by injuries and a heart breaking last-minute injury for Amber Cannon.

After a very early start and a long journey we arrived first at the venue and we quickly became nervous when we met the opposing teams. The girls went on court in their first match v Campion and worked hard to get used to the mix round of team and players. It was neck and neck at half time and with some lovely quick goals from Corrine and Isobel the girls seemed comfortable. However the games were fast and on the final whistle we were 5-4 down. A disappointing first game that seemed so close.

The girls were determined to fight on and played well in their 2nd game. The defensive three looked solid and with some lovely interceptions from Charlotte Ramscar and Evie Cannon. West Bridgford hardly had any possession of the ball. A solid win of 4-1 and a definite pick up for the girls.

The last two games were similar - we played Trent College and Loughborough High both teams immediately stood out form the rest and Loughborough controlled a zone beautifully around our attacking end which completely baffled us! Despite this we worked hard as usual and not once did anyone’s head drop. In fact we kept most of the most possession of the ball. Unfortunately they capitalised on every goal chance they had and our goals just weren’t going in.

Group results
Priory v Campion 5-4 loss
Priory v West Bridgford School 4-1 win
Priory v Trent College 7-0 loss
Priory v Loughborough High 7-2 loss

However, we went through in third place in our group and met Notts Girls High School in the play off for 5th and 6th place. The girls were tired and emotions had been up and down throughout the day. We went on to lose 5-0 in a game that was exceptionally physical  and Isobel Standley got knocked against the post and ended up on the floor, but still continued until the end. Sadly the score did not reflect the play that went on.

Our final placing was sixth in the region. Well done, girls, a great day, you were an utter pleasure to manage by myself and Mrs Swaby, we have lots to do for next year to come back stronger in the U19 category.

U16 squad: Evie Cannon, Olivia Tew, Lucy Porter, Isobel Standley, Charlotte Ramscar, Charlotte McMain, Corinne Snell and Lucy Hunter.

Players' Players of the tournament: Isobel Standley; Lucy Porter; Evie Cannon.

Mrs Porter and Mrs Swaby

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln