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Sporting success

Track and Field Cup – County Round

The Track and Field Cup is a National team competition.  The initial round being the county round and successful schools then progress to regional finals and even a national final.  Schools enter teams into four different age categories; junior girls and boys (year 7 and 8) and intermediate girls and boys (year 9 and 10).  In this competition, it is not about where you finish in your event, but how fast you run or how far you jump or throw.  Your time or distance gains the team points.  Each athlete has to do two events; a track and a field event.  Last year was the first year that we got all our teams through to a regional final.  We were equally successful this year.  Gaining entry to the regional B final for our junior girls and intermediate boys teams.  They will compete on the 16th June in Grantham.  Our junior boys and intermediate girls teams went one step better and qualified for the regional A final, taking place on the 17th June.  This means that they are one of the top 8 schools athletics teams in the North Midlands region.  Winners of the regional A final gain a place at the national final.  This is our ultimate goal!  There were some truly outstanding performances, too many to mention individuals.  All our students gave their best and left everything out on the track.  Well done to all involved.


District Athletics Championships

This is a trials competition for the schools national pathway.  Students who finish in the top 4 of their event at this competition are selected for the district team.  They will represent Lincoln and Gainsborough at the County Championships in Boston on June 6th.  92% of our students at the competition qualified for the district team.  We also have 14 district champions, some of which are double champions as they came first in two events. 


Many thanks,

Mrs Bentley.


    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln