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CCF camp in France

On Monday 27th a group of 14 Year 10 CCF cadets, from both the Army and RAF section, got the chance to go to the French Centre for a weeks’ Adventure Training as a reward for their continued achievement at CCF. They were joined by 4 ACF Cadets from the Priory City of Lincoln Academy.

Monday was mainly spent travelling and sleeping. Once we arrived at the Centre Mr and Mrs Reddington had very kindly laid out a small finger buffet for us all.

The following day, we spent the morning looking around the Canadian Museum. This allowed us to go into a bunker and see how it was made and designed. From this you could see that a tunnel had been built later on leading to another bunker looking out over the whole beach. Our tour guide had said that the tunnel had been sabotaged by the people that had built it, most likely French prisoners. The prisoners aim was to make the tunnel collapse after a few days which was exactly what happened. Later that day, we went to the Normandy museum and war graves. The youngest person known to have died had a small chip on the side of their head stone. He was only 17 years old. In the evening we all went on a 10km walk which was the exact walk that the 231st brigade had taken. It was interesting as to see their strategy to come around the other side of their enemy so their guns would have been pointing the wrong way. After this we got the coach back to the French Centre had tea and went to bed.

On the Wednesday we went Mountain Biking. We got kitted up and we went for a 20 km bike ride. Up steep hills, down steep hills. There was no escape. It was really tiring and difficult but the view at the top was beautiful and worth the wait. The return downhill journey paid off for everything. When we got back we had our lunch, got changed into wetsuits and started canoeing. This was extremely eventful in most people’s cases as the number of times each double crashed couldn’t be counted on your hands! Half way down the river we came across a river. In my case this ended up in us going down backwards and a lot of screaming! When we finally made it out of the canoes and got back to the French Centre, we headed back out for a game of bowling. After this it wasn’t long before we all wanted to go to our beds.

On Thursday we spent the day high roping. There were three sections of intensity. Everyone tried the middle one and the majority of us did the hard and highest one. Some of us were even brave enough to do it twice. Some of us were scared of heights but with the help of others were able to complete the course. At the end of the session, one of us even got stuck in the ropes and we had to get the instructors to help get him out. After, we went a couple of hours around the centre of Caen. Some of us spent 45 minutes looking for a sweet shop, only to realise that we had walked in completely the wrong direction! When we eventually found it, it was well worth the walking for. Finally we got back to the centre and had a BBQ. However, this had to be done inside because it was raining.


The Friday morning was a very early start. Reveille was at 04:30! Everyone had packed the previous evening so it was a case of wake up, get ready, a quick breakfast and then on the road home. Many took the opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep, whilst others were found doing their Maths homework! All the Cadets thoroughly enjoyed the trip; it was a very busy week but it was packed with lots of fun activities and everyone is already talking about next years trip!

LCpl Dyer & LCpl Cannings

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln