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Final Netball match of the season

The year 8 netball squad had a tough match this week against QEHS, however showed excellent confidence and great skills throughout the game. Rebekah Yell began the match fantastically by using skilled passing across the court to Juliet Price and Yasmin Rickaby, who brought the ball down into the shooting circle and by the second quarter 6 goals had been achieved by Sophie O’Boyle and Juliet Price. Considering the outstanding fitness of QEHS, Ellie Stobie, Ella Wood, Joanna Moomba and Courtney Delany had a hard time controlling the ball, however showed their mental and physical strength and intercepted the ball then carried it across the court to the shooters who managed to score 4 more goals in 3rd quarter. By the end of the match the score was 13-24 to QEHS, everyone played their best - including Joanna Moomba and Ellie Stobie who joint won player of the match for their exceptional defending skills. We all can’t wait for next season!


Match Report by Sophie O’Boyle




Sophie O’Boyle (C)

Juliet Price

Ellie Stobie

Ella Wood

Joanna Moomba

Courtney Delaney

Rebekah Yell

Courtney Delaney


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