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Cadets fly at RAF Cranwell

Eight RAF Cadets from The Priory Combined Cadet Force visited 7 Air Experience Flight at RAF Cranwell to fly in a Grob G115 Tutor trainer aircraft.  For seven cadets it was their first flight in the single engine two seat aircraft. The aircraft are flown by experience volunteer pilots and the cadets are shown how to control the aircraft before being allowed to fly it themselves. Those cadets with stronger stomachs were then shown some aerobatic manoeuvres including a loop. The Priory Academy CCF gets seven or eight slots at the AEF a year each for eight cadets. As a result every cadets should get at least one opportunity to learn the basics of flying. Cadets that make good use of AEF flying have the chance later on of being selected for the Air Cadet Pilot scheme which is a twelve hour course on which they are able to fly solo. This year, Lance Corporal Oliver Dunnett was selected for this course which he will take at Tayside Aviation near Dundee.

The Grob Tutor T Mark 1 is a two seat single engine training aircraft used by the Royal Air Force for elementary flying training by University Air Squadrons and Air Experience Flights. It has a maximum speed of 185 Knots (212 mph).  The Tutor can cruise at 130kts at sea level and climb to 5,000ft in seven minutes. The aircraft has a very clean airframe and has a three-minute inverted- flight time limit, making it ideal for aerobatics where, unlike previous RAF light aircraft, it loses little or no height during a full aerobatic sequence. The aircraft has a very modern instrument and avionics suite, including a Differential Global Positioning System, which, apart from giving excellent navigational information, can also be used to generate a simulated Instrument Landing System (ILS) approach for training use at airfields where ILS ground equipment is not fitted for the runway in use.

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln