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Year 9 STEM Day

On Wednesday 25th March, 50 Year 9 students took part in a day of creating a working wireless speaker run by the organisation Small Peice. The day was to encourage more students into a career in engineering. Throughout the day the students learnt about different factors in engineering and the variety of work in the sector. The day was filled with teamwork and was a really good experience.

At the beginning of the day, students were split into to 10 groups of 5, mixed in with people they haven’t worked with before to give the experience what working conditions are like. The first task set for the students was to create a speaker with materials costing only £1. This was done by using magnets, copper wire, a foam plate and bowl. This was an interesting experience, creating a speaker that worked on amplifying a small amount of sound by only using simple items. The task was found to be a challenge as well because there was a very specific amount of times the wire had to be wrapped round the magnets. Some groups made a clear sound come out of their speakers.

Next they moved onto to the main task of the day, designing and creating a wireless speaker with a unique selling point . Each group took a different approach, deciding how to make their speaker stand out from the rest. Some groups looked at unique ways on holding the speaker creating unique shapes for the stand. Not only did the groups have to build a stand they had to create the circuit board in which to power the speaker. In creating these speakers each person in the room got to use different materials, from plastic to wood, also everyone had the chance to use different tools. The task included a maths element  and we had to produce a cost sheet for our resources and work out what the profit margin would be.   

To finish off the day all the groups came to gather to view each other speakers and test to see if the speaker worked and to see the quality off all the work. Each group had some clever design ideas and most groups speakers being loud and clear in playing music but some groups did experience technical problems. The winners of the day were group 2- “Hexi- Speakerz”, who had a stand that was colourful and speaker that created a good quality sound. Congratulations to Tom, Alex, Ben, Rose and Heidi!  Thanks to Mrs Thompson for organising the day and Small Peice for showing how interesting engineering is!


By Heidi Appleton

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln