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Rock Challenge

On Monday 16th March, myself and a handful of dedicated ‘Rocka’ members of staff took 52 Priory LSST students to the Meres Leisure Centre in Grantham for the Rock Challenge 2015 regional heats.


As many of you are aware, we entered this year’s competition very late in the day.

When I say we were up against it, this is an understatement; we were still choreographing with days to go and only finalised music within the last week.

However on the night, the team pulled everything out of the bag and much more…their performance was OUTSTANDING!


I couldn’t have been prouder to wear my Priory LSST t-shirt and to lead the team. Every single one of the students have been an absolute delight to spend time with over the last couple of months. I ‘ve laughed, cried and tore my hair out – usually all within a 10 minute period, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way!


We came home with an armful of awards. The notable one being the Performers’ Choice award which is nominated by the other schools competing and is an award we’ve never won.


A massively humongous thank you must go to all the ‘Rocka’ staff who’ve put up with my stalking, whinging and anxiety attacksJ


So here goes:-


Mrs Griffin for her unfailing ability to continually smile and keep everyone upbeat, especially whilst perched on Mossy’s shoulders!

Mr Moss for being the bravest man in Britain taking on so many ‘on the edge’ females!

Miss Booth for undeniably being the best face painter in the world let alone ‘worm’ mover!

Miss Shaw for the eye-watering splits whilst throwing some serious moves!

And last but not least – my partner-in-crime, Mrs A in da house, for always being there to pick me up, slap my face and pull me together!!!


All the team would also like to thank:-


Mrs Ramsey to thank her for all the hard work she put in at home making costumes.

Mr Crocker for his euphonious tones – he sounded sick, in the good way!!

Mr Baker for having the patience of a saint and sorting our music even when I didn’t know the counts for the dance!

Miss Redgrave for unscrambling my head and getting the crew shipshape!!

Mr Walker for his seriously good legs – for the set boards of course!!


And again last but not least, Mr Jones and Mr Evans for having faith in us all.

A special thank-you to Mr Evans for coming along on the evening, even though he had to pay a babysitter – not that he mentioned it!! – Go Mr E !


Rock Challenge 2016 is in planning…watch this space!


In the meantime, WELL DONE to everyone who took part in RC’15

Hope to see you on Thursday



Momma Rocka & The Rockettes

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln