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Maths Fest 2015

On Wednesday 18th March, 8 year 10’s went to Cherry Willingham Community School to compete against 14 other schools in the FMSP year 10 maths feast. This is a national competition which combines mathematical, communication and teamwork skills and offers students another way to express and develop enjoyment of mathematics.


The students split into 2 teams and competed in 6 rounds, 3 of which were won by LSST. LSST A (Rebecca Collins, Isra Ahmed, Anna Sayles and Harry Pang) won both the worded problems round and the relay round; LSST B (Joe Harpham, Ben Skinner, Jack Middleton and Harrison Wood) won the origami round, leaving all of the other schools in awe of their masterpiece! The students representing the school did themselves proud and came away with the most prizes of the day.


Special mention goes to Dan Skinner who attended the competition as a leader of one of the teams, adjudicating another team in a very professional manner

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln