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Big Bang Science

Big Bang Event Review

On Wednesday 11th March a group of 32 students from year 10 attended The Big Bang Science Exhibition at the Birmingham NEC. The event was supported by a large number of industry partners with stands, workshops, hands on activities and a wide range of talks and lectures. Here is what some of our students thought of the day…

“The big bang event was a very enjoyable trip. We were able to learn lots about potential job opportunities for the future and experience everything from nuclear reactors to the battle of the drones. The show was very interesting as I learnt what’s inside a computer and got to see lots of explosions. It was a very interesting day and if the trip is organised again next year I would highly recommend anyone to go.”

“The Big bang fair was a day at the Birmingham NEC, which comprised of lots of different science workshops to develop our knowledge of Science and get a better idea of what we would like to do as a career when we’re older. I really enjoyed it because it really helped me to get a better idea of careers and I had a lot of fun! Thank you so much for proving me with this amazing opportunity, it was a day I’ll never forget!”

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln