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2015 School Games - Sports Leaders officiate the swimming competition

On Wednesday 4th March The Priory Academy LSST were invited back after lasts year success to officiate at the Sainsbury’s Primary School games at Grantham Mere’s Leisure centre.  Our Sports Leaders spent the day working on poolside running the gala for years 3/4 and 5/6.  Their jobs included timekeeping for each lane, turns judges, recording results, starter, announcing and referees. Our leaders showed exemplary skills when managing the younger children and all the races went on without incident. 

Although all of us were feeling the heat in the afternoon, the leaders worked really hard right up to the end.  A few swapped roles and gave starting races ago giving each other on the spot training.  

We witnessed excellent skills and accuracy from all the timekeepers and individuals such as Finn Johnson and Faye Bottomley began to stand out when taking responsibility of the announcing on the day. The sports leaders even got to meet Swimming Olympic Gold medallist Ross Davenport during the event. As always they were a credit to the school!

Sports Leaders involved in the day:

Year 10

Hannah Clare

Faye Bottomley

Farida Elsergy

Logan Ross

Fern Ellis

Naomi Wood

Emily Reynolds

Ella White

Jessica Eaton

Lydia Collip

Georgia McMain

Finn Johnson

Lia Clarke


Year 9

Elliott Caunt

Will Corner

Isaac Kempfe Rice

Grace Wilson

Megan Tuffs

Georgia Mansford

Ellie Jenkinson

Ellen Tyson

Ella Thompson  Moulding

Mrs Porter and Mrs French

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln