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Year 7 STEM Challenge

Organised by the EBP and hosted at the Priory City of Lincoln Academy, the Collaborative STEM Challenge was a huge success. Fourteen schools took part and were further split into twenty-eight teams for the tasks that followed.

The day consisted of a variety of tasks requiring a great deal of concentration, teamwork and creativity. In addition, we learnt more about the vast array of applications of engineering in the world around us.

The challenges involved building pyramids, replicating a structure using only verbal commands and the main event; building a transporter able to move a load of Malteasers a distance of 1m. Although faced with many difficulties, we overcame them through strong teamwork and both of the Priory Academy LSST teams secured impressive scores landing place in the top 10.

Overall it was a very engaging day that enabled us to learn a lot about teamwork, and was enjoyed by all!

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln