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4x4 challenge - Regional Final

On Tuesday 24th February the two teams that have been working on a 4x4 vehicle project in an after-school club travelled to Birmingham Metropolitan College to take part in the Land Rover 4x4 In Schools Regional Final.

During the club sessions they had to design and manufacture a body shell to fit an 1/18 scale remote controlled rock crawler. To show their knowledge of 4x4 vehicles and the progress of their own project a written portfolio and a verbal PowerPoint presentation had to be prepared as well as pit display to show the physical progress of the body shell and associated electronic systems that had to be designed and built to automatically control lights and sound an alarm when the vehicle was tilting beyond a certain angle. On the completion day both teams, Horse power and Pink Lemonade, performed admirably  but the competition was very tough with a total of 22 teams competing across two categories, beginner and professional. As well as the presentation the teams had to demonstrate their driving capabilities by taking their vehicle through a series of obstacles and over a trailer towing course ending with a reversing manoeuvre into a box zone. Both teams were very nervous, each member had to drive at least one obstacle, and it showed with a few cones being knocked over on the main driving course. However, when the towing course was attempted team Pink Lemonade excelled with only two minor travel deductions and ended with a perfect reverse manoeuvre.

Looking at the competition both teams thought they had an edge in certain categories over the others, especially in the pit display category, but overall went into the awards ceremony with little hope of being winners. Therefore it was big surprise to hear the name Pink Lemonade being called out as the winners of the Judges Discretionary Award and that they had been so impressive the judges awarded them an entry into the National Final. So many congratulations to Team Pink Lemonade, Emily Jago, Sofia Nachitt, Rhiannon Ackland and Sophie Willerton. Also congratulations go to team Horse Power, Archie Hall, Matthew Dawson, Nikodem Czarlinski, Connor Danes, Robert Collins, who had an excellent entry and enjoyed the day.

Team Pink Lemonade now have to take on-board the judges’ comments and ensure that their vehicle and presentations are brought upon national competition standards for the National Final to be held at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon on Friday 27th March.

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln