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Federation Ski Trip 2015

Federation Ski Trip: Bardonecchia, Italy

After school on Friday 13th (the last day of Module 3) four Year 12 students and Mr Hardy joined pupils and teachers from the other three federation schools for the annual Federation Ski Trip. Although the date of travel may have been superstitious, there were no issues to report  on the long coach journey. We arrived in resort after a mere 20 hours of travel, nothing on the horrendous 37 hour epic the previous year!
We arrived in resort to heavy snow, and this continued for the first two days. The whole resort was white, and pistes were in perfect conditions. Four the remaining four days skiing the sun shone, and tans were gained!
The Year 12s (Lewis Kelly, Ed Booth, Alex South and Harvey Williams) were all seasoned skiers, and eager to improve on their technique. This they did in abundance, and were regularly spotted traversing the slopes in style. Lewis narrowly missed out on joining the '100km' club, where one records themselves going above this speed per hour.
The hotel housed the professional snowboarders from around the world during the Winter Olympics in 2006. It was a big place, and home for many other schools for the week. With this said, the food was excellent, and was just a few minutes walk away from ski hire. Ice skating, bumboarding, and eating at an Italian pizzeria were just a few apres-ski activities offered, as well as having time to potter around the quaint old town.
It has now been just over 24 hours since the coach pulled back into school - where it set off a week earlier. Showers have been had, clothes have been cleaned and sleep has been caught up on... all ready for school tomorrow.
Mr Hardy will be visiting a Year 11 assembly shortly to get next years ski trip up and running. Please get in touch if you'll be in Year 12 next year and would like to go!

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln