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Young Enterprise Success!

On Saturday 31st January our four Young Enterprise teams headed to Waterside to set up their trade stands and sell their products and services. This year the competition was more fierce than ever, for the first time Waterside had teams not only from Lincoln but the whole of Lincolnshire. This meant there were twice as many teams as usual to compete with. On the day three awards were available; Best Product, Best Trade Stand and Best Trade Stand Runner-up.


Our teams were Marsupial, Nascent Relay, Valiancy and Synergy. Marsupial are planning to sell a folder that explains sensory games parents can play with babies and toddlers. Nascent Relay have two products; a block building game for children and a web application that allows businesses to communicate with their customers easily. Valiancy are taking old tiles and recycling these into high quality coasters. Synergy have a created a range of booklets for parents advising them on teenage issues. With four groups I will not discuss each one in great depth. However, they all should be very proud of themselves. Each of the four stands looked professional, the students presented themselves well and the teams have come up with some excellent products.


That said, one of our teams were on a different level to all the competition on the day. Synergy’s product ‘You Don’t Understand’, a range of books by teenagers about looking after teenagers has clearly been produced to the highest quality and their trade stand looked superb. Their efforts were well rewarded and they walked away with two of the three awards available; Best Product and Best Trade Stand Runner-up. The judges were impressed! The picture  really doesn’t do their stand justice, but it was truly impressive. Well done Synergy.

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln