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Priory LSST Christmas Bake - off

Today The Priory Academy LSST held its Christmas Cake Competition. Students have had 3 weeks to plan, bake and decorate their creations. This morning L34 was host to 26 students who delivered their cakes for judging. Some students worked in  groups to decorate their cakes but the majority were done as individual projects. In the end there were 23 amazing cakes for the judges to deliberate over. The cakes ranged from traditional cakes decorated with fondant icing to a Norwegian Kransekake (see photo below). All the students exhibited creation, perseverance and exceptional skill to create superb cakes. Each student will receive house points for participation and 4 students will be awarded additional points for their cake designs. The winning cakes were picked based on four categories of originality, execution, tradition and spirit. It was incredibly tough for the judges to pick the winning cakes but in the end these were the winners:

  • Originality: Snowflake Cake by Leah Robinson 8.5


  • Tradition: Kransekake by James Boyce 8.6


  • Execution: Winter Scene Cake by Emily Jago 9.4


  • Spirit: Christmas Stable Cake by Milly Ackland 7.4




    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln