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Youngsters on the air day- December 4th

As part of an international initiative to raise the profile of amateur radio among young people the school Radio Club were authorised by OFCOM to use a special call sign on December 4th. The call sign used for the day was GB14YOTA (Youngsters on the Air). In the UK this call is being used by schools, universities and other youth organisations throughout the month of December. Internationally, there are school stations and youth stations being operated in thirty five countries around the world such as St Lucia, Ivory Coast, Lebanon and the Philippines.

We started at 0830 and continued with only short breaks to change-over operators until sign off at 1800. A total of 284 stations were contacted in around 25 countries with our longest distance contacts being with the east coast of the USA, Israel and the Chelyabinsk region of Russia. The day was high energy from start to finish. All agreed that the excitement of being the station everyone wanted to contact just had to be experienced. There were highs and lows throughout. Our low point was when we were called several times by a station in Alaska but (despite frantic turning of the aerial) he somehow got away.  It was soon forgotten though when Peter managed to break through a massive radio station “ pile-up” to contact the Youngsters on the Air station in Slovakia  and later when James contacted the youth station in Poland!

The day was a huge success for the club. We felt privileged that the Priory Academy LSST Radio Club was able to be a small part of sending out the “Youngsters on the Air” message to the world.

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln