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Brothers clad in speedos conquer Mount Snowdon

 Two brothers from The Priory joined a team of charity walkers dressed in speedos to climb Mount Snowdon and raise funds for Cancer Research. Below, they describe the day in their won words ...

We set off from the base of Mount Snowdon at 9am. At first, all 20 of us were having a laugh and joking about; a lot of us were saying it was easy and not even a challenge, really.

Then, after 20 minutes of climbing a gentle slope, we approached a corner and around this corner was the steepest slope I’ve ever seen.

That’s when it started to take a while. We stopped loads and one guy even threw up three times - he really couldn’t hack it.

Eventually, after about 2 hours and 15/30 minutes, Sam and I had completed our climb Mount Snowdon.

We didn’t realise that the climb down was going to be the worst bit. We got some funny looks from the rest of the climbers as we were all in speedos with Barracuda written on the back and a cartoon fish on the front.

Although it was a tough climb, it was definitely worth it as we raised more than £5,000 for Cancer Research through online and cash donations. Thanks to all those who donated, - it means a lot and will 100% go to a great cause.


Ben and Sam

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln