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Army Cadets take a leap of faith

 Week two of the CCF cadets’ visits to RAF Cranwell saw the Army Cadets brave the airbase’s High Ropes course.

Would it be another evening of personal and team success following the visit of the RAF Cadet contingent the previous week?

The cadets were split into two groups, one to take on the Jacob’s Ladder first and the others to a totem pole lean.

The aim was to climb to the top of the pole and stand on a small platform waiting for three more team-mates. As it becomes busy, the cadets have to negotiate a position on the platform holding onto each other. Once all have arrived and settled, they then need to lean backwards and extend their arms to holding hands. All this is happening 20-25ft off the ground. A great deal of trust is needed in your team as well as the person on the ground belaying you.

At Jacob’s Ladder, the challenge was on. The cadets had spoken with their RAF friends and were keen to master a technique which would ensure success so they could also conquer the ladder.

Click here to see a gallery of photos from the evening.

Then came the final challenge of the evening – the leap of faith. This would be a test for a good few cadets, along with the mention of the Army belonging on the ground.

It began to get tense, three or four cadets were adamant that they were not going to jump off this ridiculously high totem pole. So began the fun, cadet after cadet climbed to the top and walked or jumped straight off.

The advice was, don’t stop and look, just walk and jump. Emma took longer than most but, with the support of the whole team, cadets and instructors, she conquered her fear and jumped. Well done. That’s what the whole event is all about.

Mrs Thompson

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln