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The Priory Academy LSST STEM day

On Thursday 13th March fifty year nine students took park in an Engineering day in the old hall. The day consisted of splitting into 10 mixed teams and designing and building a prototype super-capcitor low emission vehicle.

Working in small groups each team had to adopt nominated roles such as resource manager, finance manger, marketing officer, product manager and team leader. The key to their success was team work, sharing the tasks and finding someone who was happy to pitch their idea to the event organiser at the end of the day. The event was designed to enhance student’s aptitude for creative thinking, design and engineering.

The students had to design and construct the vehicle, incorporating the battery power capacitor, ensuring they considered speed, construction costs and aesthetics to ensure the customer would want to purchase their vehicle. All teams worked extremely well throughout the session and as the day drew to a close their seemed to be s few strong contenders; The Bap Enterprises team finished early with a great looking, small compact vehicle, sitting confidently waiting for the competition to start, they seemed to have it in the bag, great idea, great car but would it be both fast and reasonably priced, unfortunately not. 10 cars ready to go, each came and pitched their ideas and raced their cars over a 6.5m straight course. Some with great vehicles but basic briefs, others remembering that the selling price requires a profit from the original construction costs. In the end there were two close runners from team Simplistics (Joseph Burrows, William Shepley, Dominic Johns, Alex Day and Lydia Collip), an original pulley system engine and Elemento (Emily Pacey, Jordan Scott, Stephen Anderson, Anush Sunilkumar,Ben Gudalajtys, a very fast, streamlined racing car. They all lined up for the final distance race across the hall.

Winner of this race where also declared overall winners of the competition. Well Done Elemento

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln