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Cabinet responsibility for Kayley and George

  Two Priory students, George Baker and Kayley D'aguiar-Roberts, have attended the latest meeting of Lincolnshire County Council’s Youth Cabinet.

They joined several other students from various schools around Lincolnshire and it was a great opportunity for all of them, as well as those already elected on the Youth Cabinet, to raise points concerning issues that have recently been brought up within the Cabinet, together with other issues they would like to have discussed.

At the meeting itself, the main issues brought up were those of free after-school activities, transport, under-age smoking and alcohol consumption, and tuition fees.

The students involved, all from different schools in and around Lincoln, listened to the panel speak about each problem and then asked questions and suggested various solutions to the issue. One suggested that some tuition fees could potentially create a social divide.

The Youth Cabinet consists of representatives, aged 11 to 19, from a mixture of schools across the county. An additional three members of the Youth Cabinet go into Youth Parliament, where they represent Lincolnshire nationally.

Youth Cabinet is about topics that young people in Lincolnshire deem important and would like discussed, and the group continues to strengthen links with school councils and other youth organisations.

Kayley D'aguiar-Roberts
Year 8

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln