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4x4 team are on the road to success

 The Priory Academy LSST's Cool Beans team came away with another trophy after the national final of the 4x4 In Schools Challenge. 

Hannah Copsey, Roanna Ghest, Chloe Reynolds and Ellie Hackett (all Year 9) competed at The ExCel Centre in London with their 4x4 Landrover STEM challenge.

Hot on the heels of their success in the regional finals, they picked up the Judges' Discretionary Award for outstanding aspects in their various challenges, especially their written portfolio.

The obstacle tracks had been changed from the regional final and were far more challenging - who fancies taking a 4x4 over a rope bridge? There was a minor off-road incident involving a canyon but it didn't detract in any way from a very successful and rewarding day.

The academy is very grateful to the team's sponsors for providing financial help for the vehicle components, corporate clothing and for covering the majority of the expenses for the trips to the regional and national finals. These sponsors were The Priory Association, Starglaze and Huxbuds.

    The Priory Federation of Academies, Lincoln